Car Detailing Services in in Las Vegas, NV

You paid tens of thousands of dollars for your vehicle—maybe more. Make sure you’re giving it the top-level care and attention it deserves! It’s amazing how far a good cleaning or detailing can go. At Joe’s Mobile Detail, we treat your vehicle with the utmost care, delivering sublime results that enhance its appeal and extend its life. In fact, our high-caliber detailing extends to just about any vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, busses, and even aircraft! Check out the services we offer below.

Complete Detail

Need a comprehensive level of cleanliness and restoration? Our Complete Detail Package goes above and beyond to address even the minor details of your auto. We leave no nook, cranny or surface overlooked, for a deep clean and revitalization that’s immediately apparent.

$195 – Cars, Small SUV’s & Mini Trucks | $225 – Full Size Trucks, Large SUV’s & Vans

  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Machine Polish Paint to Remove Light Scratches
  • Finish with Premium Paint Sealant for Long Lasting
  • Protection
  • Clean Glass In & Out
  • Clean Headliners
  • Engine Detail
  • Hand Wash Exterior
  • Clean & Condition All Rubber & Vinyl Panels
  • Vacuum Interior Carpets, Floors, Mats & Upholstery
  • Clean Interior Console & Dash
  • Clean & Condition Leather & Steam Clean Carpets
  • Clean Wheel Wells
  • Remove Tar from Body Panels
  • Clean Rims & Tires

Paint Correction

Scratches and blemishes happen—especially to daily drivers and vehicles that see a lot of mileage. We address these imperfections to restore the overall appeal of your vehicle. We’re equipped to handle most minor paint problems.

  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Machine Polish Paint to Remove Light Scratches
  • Oxidation Removal
  • High-speed Buffing & Polishing
  • Overspray Removal

Cleaning Services

Don’t have time to scrub down your vehicle? Don’t trust even a touchless car wash to do a good job? We’re the solution. Call us for a mobile car wash in Las Vegas, NV and we’ll give your vehicle the scrub-down it needs to gleam flawlessly in the sun. Plus, we’ll tackle the interior cleaning as well, so your car feels as fresh as it looks!

  • Interior & Exterior Detailing
  • Hand Wash Exterior
  • Steam Cleaning of Upholstery and Mats
  • Rim & Tire &
  • Vacuum Interior Carpets
  • Glass, Inside & Out
  • Headliners
  • Rubber & Vinyl Panels – Clean & Condition
  • Remove Tar from Body Panels
  • Console & Dash

Headlight Restoration

Fogged headlights don’t just look bad—they’re also a hazard. We’ll restore your headlights so they look new and shine bright. This service is available as an add-on premium service when you purchase a Complete Detail Package. Prices start at $35 per headlight and are dependent on the condition of each headlight.

Engine Detailing

Included in our Complete Detail Package. Engine detailing is a must-have for show cars. When you pop your hood at an auto show, passersby won’t be able to help but stare at an engine that looks like it just rolled off the factory line!

Schedule a Detail

Have a vehicle that demands a little TLC? Contact Joe’s Mobile Detail today and schedule an appointment. Whatever it takes to restore the integrity and beauty of your vehicle, we’ll put in the work to get it there.